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Sir William and Lady Chuck

This is my brother. My baby brother. My only brother. He was 25. He was a father, a son, and a hero. He was funny, super smart, and gifted. He was proud. I’ve never met another person like him and I never will. He’s gone. On February 2, 2012 I was in Las Vegas when I got the call. He took his own life. When someone so young who graduates high school at 16, starts college at 17, and eventually enters the Army young SEES too much..too much…things get jumbled. He saw too much. I could say a million things I/we could have done differently, but they wouldn’t have helped. HE saw too much. I don’t hear/see any negativity  when it comes to his situation. I don’t know the deciding factors or the “straw that broke the camels back”. All I see is my brother. I loved him. If I could say anything to help anyone else who has SEEN too much it’s-you’re not alone. There are others who’ve seen too much that need you. Photos, our memories, and his children are all we have left. And now WE’VE seen too much.

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